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.CA Domain Names - Secure and Trusted by and for Canadians

More than a third of Canadians plan on shopping online this holiday season.  The percentage of Canadian Millennials shopping online is even higher, with more than half of all young adults expected to buy some or all of their gifts online!  With ever more Canadians shopping, communicating, socializing and now even dating online, which domain names are Canadians looking for to transact online safely and securely?

Canadians Prefer Dealing with Canadians

Who, What, Where, When, Why and now HOW; New Domain Name .HOW Prepares for Launch!

Google, the Internet powerhouse, now has a division called Google Registry which is now playing an active role in top-level-domains (TLDs).  The registry has already launched .みんな (meaning 'everyone' in Japanese) and .SOY (meaning "I am" in Spanish) and is planning several new TLD releases in the coming months, including .ADS, .BOO, .DAD, .DAY, .EAT, .ESQ, .FLY, .FOO, .HERE, .HOW .ING, .MEME, .MOV, .PROF, .RSVP, and .ZIP. 

Bienvenue .Paris!

HEXONET is excited to announce that it will launch the brand new geographic TLD, .PARIS, on October 28th!  Currently in Sunrise phase, .PARIS will have its GoLive (general availability) on December 2, 2014.  This domain name is expected to draw lots of attention as well as demand in the coming weeks ahead.  Now is the time to start pre-registering the

PLESK Domain Name Module - New from HEXONET

HEXONET has just released a new domain registration and management module for Parallels' Plesk, one of the most popular hosting and domain platforms, industry-wide.  With repeated requests from our customers and resellers to port our high-performance and industry leading domain services to Plesk, HEXONET is again delivering on the demands of our clients. 

.Global Now Open for Registration

One of the newest domain name registries to open its doors is .GLOBAL, which went Go-Live on September 9, 2014.  And at the time of general availability, the registry opened with over 600 domains which were already registered during their Sunrise (for trademark holders) and Landrush releases in the months prior.  Some of the interesting domains registered include the following:

Get Ready for DotQuebec!

Out of the 1930 new TLD (Top Level Domains) applications recieved by ICANN, approximately 66 applications were catgorized as "geographic" in nature.  The first of these to pass ICANN's evalution was the  "city" based new TLD, ‘.москва’ (‘Moscow’ in English), in April 2014. Other city new TLDs include .Berlin, .Durban,  .London, .Nagoya, .NYC, . Tokyo and .Wien. Overall, geographic new TLDs are very popular and are gaining momentum.