New High Performance SDKs for PHP, Python, and Perl

HEXONET continues to develop and provide the best and fastest APIs in the domain industry.  Today, HEXONET has released new high performance SDKs and libraries in PHP, Python and Perl.  Programmers, developers, resellers, and businesses will find it even easier to integrate robust and high-performance domain name services into their applications.


Become a Ninja, Reviews Help the Internet, Be a Socialite

Three very interesting and potentially popular new TLDs will soon be available to the general public through HEXONET.  Starting on May 28th, 2014, the .NINJA domain name will be open for general availability. And then on June 4, 2014, the new TLDs .REVIEWS and .SOCIAL will subsequently be launched as well.  Here are some reasons to check out these new TLDs for yourself.

.NINJA - Release your inner Ninja


New WHMCS Module from HEXONET - The High Performance Domain Checker

WHMCS is arguably one of the most popular all-in-one online client management and service platforms around.  Simply put, it makes reselling online services fast, simple and profitable.  Now HEXONET is making WHMCS even better for domain name resellers!  Introducing our newest WHMCS module - the High Performance Domain Name Checker!

Key Features Include:

Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website are global #4 and #9 on first day of General Availability!

TLD Registry Ltd, registry operators of the new Chinese IDN TLDs Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网), marked a huge milestone this week. Their TLDs entered the so-called general availability phase and have reported some impressive registration numbers. Within 50 minutes of General Availability, Dot Chinese Online rocketed to the global number 4 position for New gTLDs, and Dot Chinese Website shot to global number 9 for New gTLDs.  This ranking is calculated by the number of Domains Under Management (DUMs).

Get Ready for .UK Second-Level Domains this Summer!

Nominet, the registry operator for the United Kingdom's country code Top Level Domain (.uk), has announced second level .uk domain registrations commencing June 10, 2014.  This means domain names can now be registered using  just the .uk (  The second level domains will be offered in addition to Nominet's existing and traditional third level domain extensions (;; etc).