Announcement: New HEXONET Website Launch

What better way to kick off a new week, than with a new website?!

That's right, we're excited to announce that the new HEXONET website is live. When we set out to create a new website, our goal was to make something that serves all of our customers in a straightforward, accessible, and simple way. We want to connect you with what you're looking for as fast and accurately as possible. We respect you, your time and your domain interests, so it's particularly important to us that you can get all the information and services you need quickly and easily!

NamesCon Countdown

It's hard to believe another year has flown by and we're already kicking off the New Year with what's become our annual trip to attend NamesCon in Las Vegas.

NamesCon is a time to connect with industry peers, catch up with longtime colleagues and friends, share recent successes and learnings, and celebrate the domain industry as a whole. I know the HEXONET team looks forward to this event every year and after coming on board in May 2017, I can say I'm also looking forward to it. 

Why you should choose HEXONET for your domain name needs

What is a registrar, and how can we help grow your online presence? Simply put, we provide services that help get your website online. As a registrar, HEXONET can provide you with a multitude of domain names. In fact, we currently manage over 3.7 million domains for our clients! Do you want to expand your side business or get your professional portfolio online? We are accredited to offer you a wide variety of domains. 

How the U.S. Net Neutrality Repeal Can Affect Other Countries

The vote to repeal net neutrality last week has already caused significant waves of dissatisfaction. On December 14, 2017, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted against the country's existing net neutrality laws, set in place two years ago. While the Canadian and European policy has not changed, and the local governments are in full support of net neutrality laws, we can't ignore the ramifications the FCC's ruling will have worldwide.

Insight into the Realm of New Domains: Guest Interview with RADIX

Radix has been an active participant in ICANN’s process to expand the internet naming system, and has obtained the rights to operate over 9 new gTLDs including .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, and .FUN.  In this interview, we speak with Sandeep Ramchandani, VP & Business Head at Radix to understand their story, their challenges and how they plan to overcome them.

HEXONET's Newest Control Panel Platform is Ready to Change the Domain Name Industry

HEXONET today unveiled its next generation web Control Panel Platform, featuring industry leading new technologies and a pioneering user interface with a smart user-focused design that will make searching, managing, using and even selling domain names faster and easier. The Control Panel introduces a specially designed platform architecture that marries optimized real-time APIs with a modern and dynamic client web interface - in short, it's fast, intelligent, and adaptable.

.XYZ's New 1.111B Class of Domains

The .XYZ registry has just launched their 1.111B domain initiative, which is an alternative class of .XYZ domains to foster innovation and creativity. A first-of-its-kind type domain name, they are specifically for non-traditional use, such as: