Insight into the Realm of New Domains: Guest Interview with RADIX

Radix has been an active participant in ICANN’s process to expand the internet naming system, and has obtained the rights to operate over 9 new gTLDs including .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, and .FUN.  In this interview, we speak with Sandeep Ramchandani, VP & Business Head at Radix to understand their story, their challenges and how they plan to overcome them.

HEXONET's Newest Control Panel Platform is Ready to Change the Domain Name Industry

HEXONET today unveiled its next generation web Control Panel Platform, featuring industry leading new technologies and a pioneering user interface with a smart user-focused design that will make searching, managing, using and even selling domain names faster and easier. The Control Panel introduces a specially designed platform architecture that marries optimized real-time APIs with a modern and dynamic client web interface - in short, it's fast, intelligent, and adaptable.

.XYZ's New 1.111B Class of Domains

The .XYZ registry has just launched their 1.111B domain initiative, which is an alternative class of .XYZ domains to foster innovation and creativity. A first-of-its-kind type domain name, they are specifically for non-traditional use, such as:

HEXONET Acquires Strategic Stake in PSI-Japan

On June 8, 2017, HEXONET GmbH and PSI-Japan K.K. announced that HEXONET has acquired a significant and strategic stake of PSI-Japan. This investment and partnership will equip PSI-Japan with HEXONET's renown domain platform allowing for the aggressive marketing and sale of domain name services into the country of Japan. Together the new PSI-Japan will soon start offering more choice and services to Japanese consumers and businesses, all with full Japanese language sales, customer and technical support.

.BLOG - For All The Ways You Share

Automattic, the company behind, launched the .BLOG extension on November 21, 2016.  Since then .BLOG has been appealing to bloggers, SMBs and content creators who desire a digital signpost that is short, memorable, intuitive and that speaks to their online brand. There is also a new generation of young students who are passionate about writing and who are expressing themselves using a .BLOG domain name.

Excellent examples of live .BLOG sites:

Interview with DotArt

.ART enters General Availability on May 10th! We recently had the opportunity to reach out to the folks at UK Creative Ideas Ltd. (UKCI) who are in charge of bringing this exciting new TLD to market. Please enjoy the interview below:

1) What inspired your team to launch .ART?