DONUTS One Character and Collision Domains: Now Accepting Pre-registrations for FOOD & GOODS Batch

Updated Release Schedule:

FOOD & GOODS Batch - EAP on July 15:  .restaurant, .pizza, .coffee, .recipes, .fish, .diamonds, .clothing, .watch, .shoes, .bike, .furniture, .toys and .cards - PRE-REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

EDUCATION Batch - EAP on July 8:  .education, .academy, .university, .schule, .tips, .foundation, .expert, .guru, .training, .institute, and .support - PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN

.ONLINE - Spotlight on Top New gTLD

HEXONET will be releasing the .ONLINE domain name, one of the most highly anticipated new gTLDs.  Expressions of Interest for .ONLINE is exeptionally high and it is expected to be in high demand from the get go.  This new exciting domain is powered by Radix, Asia's largest new gTLD registry applicant, and will be available for pre-order starting June 23rd, 2015.

Facts About .ONLINE

Amazing Three Days - Radix Anniversary Sale - .Website and .Space for ONLY 0.99

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Radix Registry, all new registrations for the popular domains .WEBSITE and .SPACE will be priced at 99 cents (1.18 USD for resellers in the EU). Sale begins on June 23rd at 00:00:01 UTC and runs for THREE DAYS ONLY until June 25th at 23:59:59 UTC. In addition, .HOST and .PRESS will also be on sale for 5.99 USD (7.12 USD for resellers in the EU). Now is the perfect time for you or your customers to get these popular Radix domain names!

DONUTS One Character and Collision Domains: Now Accepting Pre-registrations for GENERIC and FUN Batch

Updated Release Schedule:

GENERIC and FUN Batch - EAP on June 24:  .cool, .wtf, .zone, .guide, .place, .center, .exposed, .fail, .gripe, .today, .church, and .life - PRE-REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

BUSINESS Batch - EAP on June 17: .enterprises, .management, .international, .industries, .services, .partners, .holdings, .associates, solutions, .ventures, .sarl. company, .careers, and .agency - PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN

IMPORTANT - Change of Dates and Domains for DONUTS Two Characters

Donuts has just notified registrars that ALL 2 character domains (LL ,LN, NN) and ccTLD labels such as "us" and "mx" will be released as a new separate group called the "Second Level EAP TWO CHARACTER group" - on September 9th, 2015
This announcement applies to all Donuts' groups. Therefore 2 character domains names previously included in the original PHOTOGRAPHY (June 10th) and BUSINESS (June 17th) groups will now be pulled from these groups and pushed out until the September 9th release. 

Special .LA Promo - The Internet's First City TLD

The .LA domain name was the first city-centric Top Level Domain to be marketed on the Internet.  Representing the global city of Los Angeles, the .LA domain says "local to LA" for residents, visitors, and the rest of the world, enabling everyone to find Los Angeles based businesses and people faster and easier. Fast, simple, and restriction-free registration that only takes minutes, the .LA domain name is the perfect web address for anything and anyone from this world class city.