.CLICK and .LINK Growing Popularity

According to the domain industry website on new gTLDs, ntldstats.com, two of the top ten most popular domain names are .CLICK and .LINK.  Both TLDs are showing impressive new domain registration numbers with over 150K registrations each and growing.  HEXONET is also seeing growing interest on these new gTLDs and our current promotion on both domain names has been very popular with our resellers.


The word "click" is a call to action. It’s a sound associated with a mouse or keyboard on the computer.  And though it is a tiny motion, the action behind that sound that can generate significant results. The Internet itself generates billions of clicks every day.  A web address using a .CLICK domain extension tells the world that you or your business is Internet ready. 

Broad enough to accommodate the entire spectrum of business types and topics, .CLICK enhances online visibility with a concise and memorable name. The simplicity of a .CLICK keeps people returning and demonstrates the power behind the name.


As we all know, the Internet itself is a massive collection of links.  These links are the bridges to the information we seek and at the root of these links are a domain name.  Using a .LINK web address for your business or personal website makes it simple and easy for anyone to understand.  Connect with your customers, friends, and family with the most intuitive domain extension on the Internet.

.LINK is the Internet’s reputable resource center for sites, directories, and authorities that provide users with fast and relevant access to the content or connections they seek. Ending your web address with the clear and simple .LINK makes your website more memorable and easy to find. As the Internet grows, there will always be a need for broad, all encompassing names like .LINK.


The registry behind both .CLICK and .LINK is Uniregistry.  The registry has recently updated their TLD information site, https://uniregistry.link, with easy to understand navigation, information about their TLDs, and an elegant design.  For more information on .CLICK and .LINK or any other Uniregistry gTLD, please visit their site.