The Great .SHOP Promotion

With online shopping a global phenomena that continues to rapidly grow in number and popularity, the .SHOP domain name is the perfect domain to sell any product or service. The massive shift towards digital buying has made it crucial for brands to sell online. Whether you are a big brand, a mom-and-pop shop or just launching a venture, everyone needs to have an online shop.

Promotion Details:

    •    Promo Starts: Oct 15, 2016 at 10:00 UTC
    •    Promo Ends: December 31, 2016 at 10:00 UTC
    •    Promotional Price: 23.68* (net price: 19.90) USD per Domain for the first year of registration
    •    Promotion applies to new 1-Year registrations
    •    Multi-year registrations are possible, however promotional pricing only applies to the first year
    •    Transfers and renewals are NOT eligible at promotional price

Why .SHOP?

.SHOP aims to be the global home of ecommerce and retail. The .SHOP new gTLD is intended for online shops, as well as offline retailers building an online presence. The word “shop” is understood and recognized in many languages and cultures, and the TLD identifies ecommerce or retail websites to Internet users around the world.

As both a noun and a verb, .SHOP is also a relevant domain name choice for shopping malls, shopping reviews, guides, and blogs. The word has extremely high recall, making a .SHOP domain name easier for customers to find and remember. A direct Call-to-Action for marketing campaigns

More Information

Please visit the .SHOP page to learn more about this highly sought-after new gTLD. And do not hesitate to contact our sales team (  if you are interested in learning more.