Important Notice: New ICANN Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

Effective December 1, 2016

Starting December 1, 2016, ICANN’s new transfer policy modifies the way registrant information can be changed for all gTLD domain names. This new policy affects resellers, registrars, and service providers who sell gTLD domain names, as well as, all gTLD domain name owners (registrants). This email serves as official notice to all our clients of the impending changes and provides links to helpful resources to assist everyone prepare as well as minimize the effect of this significant and sweeping new policy.

ICANN New Transfer Policy at a Glance:

  • Changes and modifications to registrant data must be confirmed and validated
    • registrant first name
    • registrant last name
    • registrant email address
    • administrative contact email (if there is no registrant email)
  • Confirmations must be obtained by the OLD registrant and NEW registrant
  • Registrants may choose to have Designated Agents confirm on their behalf
  • Both OLD and NEW registrant are notified when changes are complete
  • Registrar transfer lock enabled, unless opted-out at submission by OLD Registrant

Online Resources

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  • I am a Direct Customer and not a Reseller, how does this Policy affect me?
  • I am a Reseller, how does this Policy affect my business?
  • I am a Registrar Operations Center Client, how does this Policy affect my business?
  • Frequently Asked Questions – General?
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Reseller / Registrar?

Please refer to our Resource Page for more details