Interview with DotArt

.ART enters General Availability on May 10th! We recently had the opportunity to reach out to the folks at UK Creative Ideas Ltd. (UKCI) who are in charge of bringing this exciting new TLD to market. Please enjoy the interview below:

1) What inspired your team to launch .ART? 

Among other industries, the arts have been least affected by the stunning technological advancements the world has gone through in the last century. In a world that becomes more digitally oriented, it is important to establish your online presence now more than ever. .ART aspires to become a digital platform for the arts to structure and unify it, as well as encourage its interaction with technology.

Ulvi Kasimov, Founder: “As an IT venture investor who has launched and developed a number of projects – from artificial intelligence search engines to an e-commerce platform – I have always been passionate about developing infrastructure because of the practical application and added value it provides to communities. I recognized the opportunity to develop an online infrastructure for the art world, which could potentially bring about more freedom, increased transparency, greater choice, and build stronger communities.”

2) Why should people consider registering .ART domains?

It is a way for individuals and institutions within the arts sector to identify themselves with the art world, in an immediate and recognizable way. It is the new “digital dress code” for all members of the artistic community. .ART is not just another domain name. Over time, our mission is to collaborate with the artistic and cultural community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art.

3) Are there specific restrictions in order to register a .ART domain?

From 10th May 2017, .ART domain names will be available via participating registrars.

4) Can you please highlight some of your key target markets, both geographically and specific segments.

.ART is a new top-level domain created for the international art and culture community. Above all, it is a way for individuals and institutions within the art sector to identify themselves with the art world. All forms of artistic expression from visual arts to performing arts, literature and culinary arts can find their place on a .ART domain name. Museums, galleries, state organizations, media, art and technology fairs, auction houses, art schools, universities and form part of our target market.

5) We understand that you have launched a very successful Early Adopters program. Can you please elaborate on this.

Over 60 global and high profle early adopters have joined .ART to date: Some of our early adopters, including Institute of Contemporary Arts, BRAFA Art Fair, Marina Abramovic Institute, Hauser&Wirth, and Love Watts already have fully operational websites in place, others are developing very exciting concepts of how to use it. More information about Early Adopters can be found on our website:

6) .ART enters general availability on May 10.  What are the key challenges / obstacles you foresee in the short term?

As with any new gTLD, generating and sustaining demand for .ART by registrants will be a major priority. However judging from the success of our Special Launch Period which saw many .ART domain names registered at a premium price coupled with over 300 already active .ART websites, we are very optimistic regarding the success of .ART. We are looking forward to making .ART widely available around the globe and creating an online home for the international art community.

7) What does long-term success look like for .ART, say 5 years from now?

Our aim is to create an online infrastructure for the global art community. Aside from selling .ART domain names, we have a number of additional innovative projects in the works that we believe will contribute to making .ART an indispensable asset for the art world. 

There is still time to place your .ART pre-registrations with HEXONT at: