Introducing .网站 (.Web in Chinese)

HEXONET is pleased to announce the availability of the brand new  Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) new gTLD .网站 (.Web in Chinese). .网站" is the most natural and direct way to refer to web in Chinese. The .网站 TLD is focused on the Chinese market but relevant for global registrants looking to reach the China market.

A search online quickly reveals clear preference for "网站" to refer to the web, showing almost 4 times popularity against its closest rival:

  • 网站 (.Web) 2,520,000,000 results
  • 中文网 (.ChineseWeb) 60,000,000 results
  • 网址 (.WebAddress) 649,000,000 results
  • 网页 (.Webpage) 508,000,000 results

       Source: Afilias

The term "网站" literally translates to "website", while as a domain name ".网站" means ".WEB" in Chinese.  From company websites to social media groups or mobile applications .网站 provides a meaningful identity and destination for your online presence.

In short, .网站 is the:

  • Most Natural Chinese language phrase representing ".WEB"
  • Most Popular Chinese term for identifying web presence
  • Most Comprehensive in reach for the global Chinese audience

.网站 domains are unrestricted and available to be registered by eligible registrants anywhere in the world!


Early Access Phase: October 27 ~ November 1, 2016

General Availability: November 2, 2016


You can now place your pre-registrations at:网站