Things You Wish You Knew Before Securing Your Domain Name

Naturally, a lot of effort is put into creating the perfect domain name. We know that a good name has to be catchy, easily pronounceable and memorable - and that people invest a substantial amount of time into finding the right name. Why is it then that the same amount of effort isn't put into your domain name?

A great domain name can push you ahead of the competition by allowing you to stand out and become an industry leader! 

This is where new top-level domains (nTLDs) come into play. A good domain name can be the boost your business needs to grow and stay top of mind. Why not use this opportunity to show customers what your business does before investing time into advertising and marketing?

If your primary purpose is to sell, then the .STORE domain is a natural fit. With over 16,000 active websites, .STORE is versatile for multiple types of businesses, but unique enough to ensure your customers know exactly what to expect.

Read below to learn how using the .STORE domain can be beneficial for your business. We added some examples to show you how other companies are taking advantage of the domain, and to help get your creative juices flowing! 

Online Shopping Portals

An online shopping portal is a website that includes links, promotions, and information about popular online shopping websites in a one-stop shop. Using a .STORE domain instantly captures the attention of those looking to make purchases. A creative and unique URL ensures that you stand out and customers know exactly what to expect before clicking on your website. A great example of an online shopping portal adopting the .STORE domain is It provides an exclusive list of magazine subscriptions for some of the best prices out there - and has a circulation of over 25 million! 

Local Small Businesses

Starting a business takes hard work. That's why we're here to help make it easier for you! Stand out from your competition by registering a .STORE domain. Short and catchy, it will help new customers recognize your website. A memorable URL also makes it easier for your customers to share your website information through word-of-mouth. And we all know word-of-mouth referrals is a small business' track to success!

Storage Solution Providers

Taking the more literal approach, a .STORE domain is great for storage solution providers. Whether data or inventory storage, the .STORE domain provides your company with an easy way to showcase the services you provide.

Retail Brands

Retails brands can use the .STORE domain to differentiate themselves. Not only will your URL show customers that you are capable of selling, it can also be a great indicator of your online shops. A natural and healthy dog food brand in the UK, Pooch & Mutt uses as their URL for their online store.


With the micro-influencer trend growing rapidly, new influencers are popping up daily! Many influencers that start off on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter expand by creating merchandise that is sold to their followers. A .STORE domain is the perfect fit for a merchandise website. YouTubers Dude Perfect take advantage of .STORE for their merchandise-based website with the domain Many other influencers are jumping on the trend and creating unique websites with nTLDs such as .STORE.

Service Brands

Many service brands reach a point where they want to start selling retail products to their fans. The airline Emirates uses to sell Emirates branded products such as mugs, clothing, bags and much more. Formula One racing also uses .STORE with their website through which they sell branded clothing for loyal fans and followers. 

With such an easy way to stand out, it's no wonder that small and large companies are taking advantage of nTLDs, such as .STORE. Follow suit, and register your .STORE domain today for only $8.50 USD! 

Already own a .STORE website we haven't mentioned? Let us know at! We'd love to take a look and share!