Why the Internet's Newest Domain Name - .ECO - Makes Joining the Environmental Community Easy and Cool


HEXONET today announced that corporate and individual trademarks holders can now start reserving their .ECO domain names well before its highly anticipated general public availability on April 25, 2017. With the backing and endorsement of environmental heavy weights like Greenpeace International, WWF International, and others, .ECO domain names are expected to become the standard and most recognized way for any company or individual to showcase their environmental initiatives and efforts. Until now, much of the good work and content on the environment and sustainability has been scattered across the Internet on various websites, blogs, social media, and relegated parts of larger web portals. Starting today, this important information can now be collected, condensed, and collated onto a simple, easily recognizable, and accessible set of domain names ending with .ECO.

"The .ECO domain name will soon become a trusted symbol for those that do good in the world and it is only available to people, organizations, companies and products that are committed to the environment," said Trevor Bowden, Co-founder of Big Room, the .ECO Registry. "We know that people and companies are proud of the work that they do to protect the environment – whether it's work on climate change, conservation, sustainable living or environmentally friendly commerce – the .ECO domain name will serve to be the online trustmark and web address showcasing these remarkable endeavors."

"I've seen the good, bad and ugly of the new domain names releases over the past two years, I know what works and .ECO is going to be a definite winner," said Robert Birkner, HEXONET's Chief Strategy Officer. "All the ingredients are there for success: instantly understandable use, massive community of users, support from major recognizable brands, and most importantly, a highly experienced team that knows how to run a registry and deeply understands the community they serve. I won't be surprised if .ECO domain names in a few years turn out to be the most heavily used newly released domain names in terms of content creation and also Internet traffic generation."


Companies, businesses and individuals with registered trademarks can register their .ECO domain name during the Sunrise period (limited only for trademark registrations) February 1 - April 2, 2017. During Earth Week, April 18-25, 2017, the Early Access period Program starts for advanced registration by anyone at premium prices. And on April 25, 2017, general availability (open registration) for the public begins. Heavy demand is expected, therefore, pre-ordering of .ECO domain names is highly recommended. For more information, registration and pre-ordering of .ECO domains please go to https://eco.hexonet.net.