.XYZ's New 1.111B Class of Domains

The .XYZ registry has just launched their 1.111B domain initiative, which is an alternative class of .XYZ domains to foster innovation and creativity. A first-of-its-kind type domain name, they are specifically for non-traditional use, such as:

  •     Smart device connections for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  •     Advanced network communications
  •     Vanity digital identifiers
  •     Phone numbers and other personal identifiers
  •     Virtual currencies and tradable assets

The promotional domain names are made of six (6N) to nine (9N) digits ranging from 000000.xyz-999999999.xyz. For example:

    6N: 122517.xyz
    7N: 5551234.xyz
    8N: 12252017.xyz
    9N: 902109999.xyz

.XYZ domain names are for creators. Build an ecosystem with the 1.111B Class .XYZ names for only 0.99 USD per year, every year.  1.18* (net price: 0.99) USD/Domain/Year pricing applies to all price classes (Reseller, Premium, Platinum)