NGOs Can Now Wave Their New Digital Flag

HEXONET is pleased to announce that it has launched the highly anticipated new gTLD, .NGO (.ONG is the translated equivalent for regions where Romance languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian are most prevalent), that will certainly appeal to the large community of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and non-profits around the world.

.NZ Unlocking Reserved Second-Level Domains

With the introduction of second-level .NZ domain names on September 30 of last year, the registry proactively reserved the second-level domain equivalent for domains strings already registered at the third-level.  As of March 12, 2015 @ 10:00 UTC, a number of these valuable and formerly reserved second-level .NZ domains will be available for general registration without restriction on a first come, first served basis.

HEXONET's Backorder Technology

HEXONET's motto is "Always One Step Ahead."   And our customers and resellers tell us regularly that our domain name backorder system is a step better than the competition.  Lets outline the domain name backorder capabilities at HEXONET and how you can take advantage of our service.

Why Backorder an Expiring Domain Name?

HEXONET's Wiki - All the Answers Quick and Easy

HEXONET's wiki provides clients and partners a wealth of information.  Whether one needs a launch date or if a programmer needs details on API integration, the HEXONET Wiki has all the answers in a quick and easy format.  All domain information and more can be found at or through the Control Panel by navigating to Tools > Support Center.

The Three Main Sections on the Wiki:

Control Panel Update - Displaying Domain Renewal Pricing

HEXONET is pleased to announce the Control Panel domain lists can now display the renewal price for any domain name explicitly. This includes renewal prices for Premium Domains, which may have special or customized pricing.  To display the renewal price in the domain list view, simply click on the 'customize view' icon and enable renewal price view. This is especially helpful for Premium domain names.

The API commands for querying renewal pricing is here:

Security Notice - Action Required - HEXONET Account Password

HEXONET's regular security monitoring systems today uncovered a security issue with our website home page at And after extensive investigation and analysis, the security issue has now been fixed and the HEXONET website is again fully secure. All affected HEXONET accounts holders from our analysis have already been contacted and we are working with them to rectify any remaining issues.

Precautionary Action Required - Change Account Password.

.CA Domain Names - Secure and Trusted by and for Canadians

More than a third of Canadians plan on shopping online this holiday season.  The percentage of Canadian Millennials shopping online is even higher, with more than half of all young adults expected to buy some or all of their gifts online!  With ever more Canadians shopping, communicating, socializing and now even dating online, which domain names are Canadians looking for to transact online safely and securely?

Canadians Prefer Dealing with Canadians