HEXONET Chinese Informer #2 2011


经过许多顾客对WHOIS隐私保护服务的要求,HEXONET很高兴为我们的代理商提供两项新的服务- WHOISTrustee 和 WHOISTrustee-Lite. 从而使屏蔽和保护域名WHOIS数据变得简单,便宜,符合成本效益。

WHOISTrustee - 全程隐私保护服务
随着WHOISTrustee服务,所有的WHOIS信息将会完全屏蔽。 这项保护机制可以防止有人恶意利用WHOIS信息的联系方式暴露客户的隐私信息。域名注册者拥有完全控制权,可以随时修改域名资料。 下面是一个WHOISTrustee 的例子。


Thank you for making HEXONET domain backordering a huge success. In just under a year, our service has grown tremendously both in terms of users and service features. HEXONET backordering today offers over thirteen (13) TLDs, some rarely available anywhere else, with more on the way.

Most importantly, we have now found an excellent solution for the "public auction" concerns noted by some of our customers. Secure and equitable PRIVATE AUCTIONS are now available for our customers.

NIC.AT Releases Latest Report on the .AT ccTLD

NIC.AT, the official registry operator of the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Austria, has just published their third NIC.AT report. In previous blog postings, we touched upon the strong growth of the .AT ccTLD. In January 2011, NIC.AT reached a significant milestone surpassing 1,000,000 domains!

Secure and Private Registrations with WHOISTrustee

After overwhelming demand from resellers and customers wanting WHOIS Privacy services, HEXONET is excited to announce the availability of WHOISTrustee and WHOISTrustee-Lite.  These services provide shielding and protecting of the public WHOIS data and identity connected with domain registrations.  WhoisTrustee services can be resold for big profit or can even be used personally as a very cost effective privacy service.

Why WHOISTrustee Services?

.ASIA IDN Pre-Registrations

HEXONET Now Accepting Pre-registrations for IDN.ASIA Domains

The DotASIA, registry for .ASIA domains, has finalized its launch for .ASIA IDNs (internationalized Domain names).  These IDNs have long been anticipated and will be available at launch in CHINESE (simplified and traditional), JAPANESE and KOREAN.  The procedures will follow their highly successful campaign ASCII .ASIA startup process.  Click here for more info.

.SO Launch - HUGE Success of 91% - Still in High Demand!

On April 1, 2011, ninety one percent (91%) of all our customer's pre-registrations were obtained by HEXONET's pre-registration system! Best of class systems and engineering combined with exceptional preparation is the secret to success and is why thousands of individuals/corporations place their pre-registrations with us.   Since launch, demand for .SO domains remains strong, especially from China where "SO" phonetically sounds like "To Search".

Many Thanks - DDos Resolved

The last 24 hours at HEXONET have been exciting to say the least.  Even though our DNS clusters around the world were hit by a massive distributed denial of service (DDos) attack, the effects were thankfully manageable.  Now that the attack has been mitigated and resolved, HEXONET would like to thank a number of people.