Denial of Service Attack - Information

As some of you already know, HEXONET was hit by a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDos) just after 09:00:00 UTC.  The scope of this attack was on a massive scale.   DDos traffic was being sent to HEXONET DNS server clusters from over 2 million separate IP addresses.  And even though HEXONET has many levels of redundancy and capacity spread over multiple datacenters around the world, the overwhelming effects of a DDos attack of this nature could not be mitigated.


Insights into the .NL country code Top-Level Domain

Last month the Dutch ccTLD, .NL, became the third largest ccTLD in the world.  This move pushes .CN into fourth (China) and puts the .NL ccTLD just behind .CO.UK (United Kingdom, 2nd overall) and .DE (German, 1st overall).  Currently, there are more than 4.3 million registered .NL domain names. And with only 16.5 million people in the Netherlands, in terms of domain density per capita, .NL has the highest ratio worldwide with one domain name for every five dutch citizens.

HEXONET's First Chinese Newsletter

HEXONET has just released its first Chinese language newsletter for its customers in the People's Republic of China. HEXONET recognizes that our Chinese clients want to hear more from us, as well as, for us to provide them critical information and tools to run their businesses. This newsletter will be published quarterly.

Numeric Domains in Asia

As a follow up to our blog post discussing the explosive growth of the Internet in Asia, this week's post showcases the growing popularity of numeric domains in the same region, in particular China.  On a daily basis, many of HEXONET's Asian clients register numeric domains. At first glance, these domains may just look like random numbers, but as you might suspect, many have historical and cultural meaning behind them.  Lets take a look.

DOMAINfest Global 2011

We at HEXONET are looking forward to attending the upcoming DOMAINfest Global 2011. In less than one month from now, over 600 domain investors, Internet marketing professionals and service providers from over 30 different countries will converge in Santa Monica to kick off the largest annual domaining conference. The event will be held at the world-class Fairmont Miramar Hotel.