HEXONET Now Accepting Payments with Alipay

Alipay is the leading online payment processor in China with over 100 millions users and half a million merchants.  Every day over ¥450 million worth, or 2 million transactions are processed by Alipay.  The company also boasts users from a broad set of industries including digital communications, business services, virtual products, online merchandise, air travel, and more! HEXONET is happy to announce we now accept payment through Aliplay, which will make payment quick and seamless for our Asian and Chinese clientele.


.JP and Other Trends in the Japanese Domain Market...

As a fluent speaker of Japanese and a former resident of Japan, I have always tried to keep my finger on the pulse the country including technology and Internet trends.   I thought I would take this opportunity to shed some light on the domain market in Japan and in particular the Japanese country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) .JP.

Does Size Matter?

Earlier this month, many of our readers heard about the Libyan government shutting down the popular URL link shortening service called VB.ly. NIC.ly, the official registry operator for the .ly domain space, the official country-code top level domain of Libya, is now scrutinizing anyone using all .ly shortening services. In fact, NIC.ly has gone as far as restricting four character or less .ly registrations to only Libyan nationals.

Is the Sleeping Giant About to Awake?

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In our last blog posting, we briefly mentioned the explosive adoption and usage of the Internet in India. Let's dig a little deeper and discover what are some of the key trends in the Internet in India and what significance this may have for the domain industry in India as well as the future growth potential of the .IN ccTLD (country-code Top-Level-Domain).