dot ASIA - What's Next?

The continent of Asia and the nation of China in particular has been an area of high interest for me this past decade. Asia and specifically China is obviously a massive opportunity and clearly the domain market of the future. Though many impediments and hurdles exist to entering the Asian market, those with the right timing and execution of entry are poised to win big. I myself have almost taken the plunge several times, especially right after the hugely successful launch of .CN.

Knowing Thy Enemy, Knowing Thy Friend

Throughout history, from Rome to Lehman Brothers, countless examples lay as testaments to the destructive power of uncontrolled expansion.  And even though historians, as well as, executives have studied the hows and whys of such cases, it seems the lessons to be learnt are often overshadowed by the allure of power, profit and growth.

As ICANN is on the precipice of opening the floodgates on new gTLDs, I will be writing a series of short personal business cases, which I believe should be considered in the vetting process.

Lesson 1: Who is Friend and Who is Foe:

Introducing .AG, the ccTLD of Antigua and Barbuda

Continuing with more “A” ccTLDs, the next one we want to highlight is .AG, the official country code Top-Level-Domain of the beautiful island of “Antigua and Barbuda”.

Antigua and Barbuda Facts*:

  • Located East to South-East of Puerto Rico between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic
  • Estimated population of 86,000.
  • 37,500 Telephone Lines in use (est. 2006)
  • 2,215 Internet Hosts
  • 60,000 Internet Users

The .AG Registry:

Introducing the ccTLD of Austria dot AT

Allow HEXONET to provide you with some more detailed information on our ccTLDs offerings through a series of ccTLD Postings.

Some basic facts about NIC.AT:

  • Anyone worldwide can register an .AT domain, there are no restrictions
  • Official registry behind .AT is NIC.AT
  • Extensions that are open for registration: .AT, .co.AT & .or.AT
  • Min. / Max. length of a .AT Domain: 3 - 63 characters
  • IDN Capable: YES

Some stats on .AT Registrations:

[update] HEXONET at event "Domainvermarkterforum" in Cologne

Wie jedes Jahr findet auch in 2009 wieder das Domainvermarkterforum statt. Diesmal haben sich die Veranstalter für die wunderschöne Dom-Stadt Köln als Veranstaltungsort entschieden. Das Event startet am 3. September 2009 und endet am 4. September 2009 mit einer großen Domain-Live-Versteigerung.

Die HEXONET GmbH wird über beide Tage an dieser Veranstaltung teilnehmen und mit einem eigenen Messestand ausführlich über deren Angebote informieren.

Sie sind herzlich eingeladen die HEXONET an Ihrem Stand zu besuchen.

Updates on the HEXONET Control Panel

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  • Aug 13, 2009

First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you for your patience and your tremendous feedback since the new HEXONET Control Panel went live May 4th 2009.
Building a new customer control panel completely from scratch is always a challenge, for which the most important criteria for success is the valuable feedback from active users and businesses who depend on HEXONET.


Unifying ccTLDs

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Being an active and vocal participant in the Domain industry for the better part of a decade has allowed me to see both the good and bad in our business.  Of the good things, in fact very good, has been country code Top-Level-Domains (ccTLDs).  Country code TLDs are simple to understand, easily associated with, and even evoke a sense of ownership (patriotism), which is the perfect formula for a successful TLD.

Where's the Beef in New gTLDs

A fundamental and value rule of thumb in developing a new product or service is having an answer for the five w's (who, what, when, where, why), or in Product Management lingo, what is the value proposition? Invariably, the stronger the value proposition the better the likelihood of success for a new product or service.