Why Choose A .GLOBAL Domain?

Whether you're a big brand, a small start-up or a non-profit, the .GLOBAL domain can work for you.

Using a .GLOBAL domain makes your online identity stand out. Customers become immediately aware that you demonstrate a global presence and promote global services, products, or ideas. It shows that you are a forward-looking company, and helps to clearly define your global position and status. 

Things You Wish You Knew Before Securing Your Domain Name

Naturally, a lot of effort is put into creating the perfect business name. We know that a good name has to be catchy, easily pronounceable, and memorable - and that people invest a substantial amount of time into finding the right name. Why is it then that the same amount of effort isn't put into your domain name?

Read on to learn how a great domain name can push you ahead of the competition by allowing you to stand out and become an industry leader! 

Symantec Corporation Certificate Validation Change

Symantec Corporation has been issuing SSL certificates without proper validation. As a result, Google's Chrome browser will no longer trust all SSL certificates issued by Symantec. This includes the removal of the green browser address bar, which is the primary visual indicator of EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificates. With Google's decision, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers are also considering removing trust for Symantec SSL certificates. Read on to learn how this change may affect you.

How To Use Your New Domain Name With HEXONET's Web Apps

Have you purchased the perfect domain name but are unsure how to start using it? Well don't worry, we've got you covered! It's now fast and simple to start using your domain name by connecting it to any of the 13 web apps HEXONET currently offers, including about.me, Bitly, and Blogger.

Whether you blog, have an online portfolio, or want a unique email address, it's never been smoother to connect your custom domain and distinguish yourself online. 

Get The Security You Need For The Price You Want With HEXONET's SSL Certificates

What is an SSL certificate, and why do you need it? An SSL certificate increases security for your visitors by encrypting your website's data while it travels across the web. It adds a padlock to your search bar, as well as the "https" wording at the beginning of your URL. This shows your customers that your website is safe to use, and makes your visitors feel safer while browsing, and purchasing, from your website. An SSL certificate adds credibility and authority to your business.

Termination Of Service Notice: WI And CP2 Control Panels

As of May 1, 2018, at 00:00:00 UTC, services of both WI and CP2 will cease to operate. Customers and resellers using either WI or CP2 are encouraged to start using the newest and more advanced control panel. The newest control panel is built with the latest technology for advanced security, speed, and functionality. 

Should I Sell Generic nTLDS? (And Other Questions)

Reseller friends, have you ever asked yourself: "Should I sell generic nTLDs?"

Read our blog post in partnership with Radix Registry that helps answer this, and other common nTLD questions. These questions indicate that there's confusion over how a generic nTLD, such as .ONLINE or .SITE, can empower your business. If you're ready to put your doubts to rest, read on.

Protect Your Privacy Online: Q&A With HEXONET's CEO, Jens Wagner

In light of Data Privacy Day yesterday, we thought it fitting to touch base with our CEO, Jens Wagner, to discuss how you can protect yourself online. Jens is passionate about technology and online privacy. In fact, he is considered a foremost expert in domain industry technology and internet systems and is an advocate for data privacy. Learn how to protect your online privacy with my Q&A with Jens.