IMPORTANT - New Registrations and Transfers for AdamsNames TLDS .GD, .TC and .VG Temporarily Disabled

HEXONET has temporarily disabled new registrations and domain transfers of the AdamsNames ccTLDs ".GD", ".TC" and ".VG".  Due to unprecedented circumstances explained below, this action is required until further notice.

Many of you may have read the issues regarding AdamNames posted on two very popular industry blogs. The direct links are provided for your convenience, however, HEXONET is providing further detail and information in this announcement below.

BRS Media’s dotRadio Launches Expression of Interest for .RADIO Top Level Domain

The .RADIO TLD will usher in a new media paradigm in Online Innovation, Branding and Creativity!

San Francisco CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

BRS Media, a diverse and growing media e-commerce firm that assists traditional and interactive media companies build and brand on the power of the Internet, today announced it has launched an Expression of Interest (EOI) program for new Top-Level-Domain .RADIO.

The Post Dot Era Begins

The Numbers Behind the Applications

The "Post Dot Era" is beginning to take shape as ICANN revealed the details on its over 1930 application filings for new Top-Level-Domain (nTLDs) extensions on June 13, 2012. The sure volume and diversity of the applications ICANN received clearly shows us that the very nature of the Internet is on the verge of radically changing. Here are the cold hard facts about the ICANN applications:

Applications by String Type/Group

Wow! More than 1 Million Domains under Management - Thanks to the Team!


HEXONET has been growing!  It has been an amazing journey the past couple of years and we are ecstatic to announce that we are now managing over a million domains for clients, resellers and partners.  The one million domain milestone is a goal that many registrars strive for and HEXONET reached this goal in mid-April of 2012!

First and Foremost - Thank You:

.PRO - On SALE - Consolidate and Save Big!

RegistryPro, der offizielle Betreiber der generischen TLD .PRO, hat vor kurzem eine neue und verbesserte Version von .PRO veröffentlicht. Die Registrierung ist jetzt für alle Personen möglich, die einen entsprechend zertifizierten Beruf ausüben oder Status besitzen. Wichtig ist, dass es seitens einer Behörde eine öffentliche Annerkennung gibt, wie z.B. die Zulassungsnummer eines Rechtsanwaltes.