Announcement: New HEXONET Website Launch

What better way to kick off a new week, than with a new website?!

That's right, we're excited to announce that the new HEXONET website is live. When we set out to create a new website, our goal was to make something that serves all of our customers in a straightforward, accessible, and simple way. We want to connect you with what you're looking for as fast and accurately as possible. We respect you, your time and your domain interests, so it's particularly important to us that you can get all the information and services you need quickly and easily!

With the above goal in mind, here are a few highlights that we're particularly proud of:

  • We drastically cut down the number of pages on the HEXONET website to get you directly to the information you're looking for
  • The entire website (edit, rewrite, design, build, and launch) was completed in-house by our incredible and dedicated team
  • Our team worked diligently to consider our customers' needs and wants and provide content personally relevant to their domain goals
  • The design and layout of the new site represent HEXONET's helpful personality and we hope it provides a more interactive experience for you
  • We have made searching for, purchasing and using your domains and domain services simple and accessible¬†

In the coming days and weeks, we'll be rolling out more features to support your domains experience. Watch out for a brand new search tool/function, SSL product updates, new web apps and more.

So head on over to and take a look at the new HEXONET website. Just as with all our offerings, your opinion matters. If you would like to share any website experience feedback, please let us know at