Beyond the Beaches of Anguilla, the .AI Domain is Marking a Digital Footprint in the Tech Industry

We are happy to announce that .AI domains are now available to register through HEXONET!

.AI falls under the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) category as the domain for Anguilla. It's not a newly launched ccTLD, but in the past few years, we've seen an increase in the number of domains leveraging the .AI extension.

So why the increase of interest?

It's hard to miss all the buzz that Artificial Intelligence has been making recently. A lot of time and money is being invested in Artificial Intelligence technologies and startups. All of these resources are not going to waste. According to Toward Data Science, Artificial Intelligence will change and improve our daily lives through autonomous vehicles, artificial assistants, security cameras, and more. In fact, CNBC claims that the merging of Artificial Intelligence into our daily lives will be here before we know it!

With all of these Artificial Intelligence uses and implementations, many large corporations will branch out and focus on this aspect. At the same time, you will notice many start-ups popping up all around us with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

.AI can be used as a short and succinct way to represent the very popular buzzword, Artificial Intelligence. We expect a trend toward the implementation of the ccTLD to continue to grow as new technologies and start-ups come into play. 

Examples of companies we think are using the .AI domain well:

ARGO.AI - a start-up focused on developing self-driving car technologies that received a $1 billion investment from Ford Motors. 

ELEMENT.AIan Artificial Intelligence incubator and lab based in Montreal, Canada.

UBER.AIa new division of Uber that is dedicated to research in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

SENTIENT.AIa company developing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence software to improve customer engagement and website conversions.

ASCENT.AIa Tokyo-based robotics and Artificial Intelligence start-up.

GOOGLE.AIGoogle, one of the biggest backers of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies forwards the domain GOOGLE.AI to AI.GOOGLE, their own branded domain.

Eligibility Details 

  • Anyone can register an .AI domain - no restrictions 
  • Minimum registration term - 2 years 
  • Available Second Level Domains (SLDs) - .COM.AI, .NET.AI, .OFF.AI, .ORG.AI

What are you waiting for? Register your .AI domain today!

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