.BLOG - For All The Ways You Share

Automattic, the company behind Wordpress.com, launched the .BLOG extension on November 21, 2016.  Since then .BLOG has been appealing to bloggers, SMBs and content creators who desire a digital signpost that is short, memorable, intuitive and that speaks to their online brand. There is also a new generation of young students who are passionate about writing and who are expressing themselves using a .BLOG domain name.

Excellent examples of live .BLOG sites:

design.blog (A curated blog brought to you by the designers and design lovers at Automattic)

tim.blog (Timothy "Tim" Ferriss is an American author, entrepreneur and public speaker)

nystateparks.blog (official blog for New York State Parks & Historic Sites)

stackoverflow.blog (a destination for all things related to development at Stack Overflow)

gastronomictraveler.blog (an avid traveler and foodie that is connecting cultures)


There are now over 150 million public blogs on the Internet. In fact, the word 'blog' is very much a part of our everyday vernacular. Be sure to check out the very informative post, "Where Blogs Come From," just published by the team at Automattic. With 83,000 .BLOG domain names registered, there is much more room to grow and potentially millions of buyers! HEXONET is also featuring a special .BLOG promo that will run until the end of this year. See below for details.

Promotion details:

  • Promo Starts: June 1, 2017 at 10:00 UTC
  • Promo Ends: December 31, 2017 10:00 UTC
  • Promotional Pricing in ALL Price Classes:  11.78* (net price: 9.90) USD/Domain/Year
  • Promotion only applies to new 1-year registrations
  • Multiyear registrations are possible, however promotional pricing only applies to the first year
  • Transfers and renewals are NOT eligible at promotional price
  • Premium Domains are NOT eligible at promo price