Cheers, Santé, Salud, Prost, 乾杯 - Spotlight on .WINE and .VIN

Wine enthusiasts around the world can now raise their glasses to the new vintage of TLDs of .WINE and .VIN.  Donuts, the largest registry of new gTLDs, is releasing .WINE and .VIN starting November 17, 2015.

The Global Market for Wine:

The global wine trade is massive. According to statistics from the International Wine & Spirit Research (IWSR), a London-based beverage research group, 3.2 BILLION CASES of wine were produced in 2013. That’s 38.4 BILLION BOTTLES of wine!  Worldwide, Europe and the United States remain the largest consumer markets for wine, with the US being the #1 wine-consuming country by volume.  Italy tops the charts when it comes to per-capita wine consumption. And recently, China overtook France and Italy as the world’s largest consumer of red wine!  With thousands of wineries and the millions of wine retailers, distributors, clubs and operators, together with of course billions of wine enthusiasts and consumers, the potential market for the new gTLDs of .WINE and .VIN is immense.

.WINE Pioneer Program:

Prior to General Availability, Donuts will be running a .WINE Pioneer Program.  This exclusive program is an initiative aimed at getting well-known wine industry brands so that they can secure a .wine domain name of their choice (e.g.: or ) on a priority basis before it is released to the general public.

  • The Pioneer Program intends to offer potential .WINE domain name holders the possibility to register and start using .WINE domain names prior to the General Registration period. Such early registered  domain names are called “Pioneer Names”.  While enjoying a high degree of exclusivity and visibility, these pioneers will be ambassadors for the .WINE TLD. The active and positive use of .WINE Pioneer Names will drive public interest and will increase awareness of the .WINE TLD. Leverage it as part of your branding efforts
  • Pioneers will receive these names free of cost for the first 2 years
  • Qualified wine companies will be allowed to develop and use their .WINE web address prior to General Availability to the general public (January 20, 2016). You can activate the name anytime from November 3 but must do so before General Availability opens.
  • E. & J. Gallo Winery, the largest winery in the world, will be launching their own branded nTLDs .Gallo and .Barefoot (
  • If you or any of your customers are interested in learning more about this program, please contact:

Launch Dates:

  • Sunrise:  November 17, 2015  - January 16, 2016
  • Early Access Phase:  January 20, 2016
  • General Availability:  January 27, 2016

Early Expressions of Interest:

You can now place Expressions of Interest (EOI) for .WINE through your HEXONET account.  Please visit: to learn more.