.CLUB to Launch - Premium Domains though Registrars July 1, 2015

Congratulations to our good friends at the .CLUB Registry.  Not only on their recent one year anniversary, but also for being one of the best and most registrar friendly new-registries industry-wide.  The .CLUB Registry's recent decision to release their Premium reserved domain names through registrars is an example of this and the move away from Premium names sold through the aftermarket and brokerages is a win-win for everyone.

As a result, on July 1st, 2015, HEXONET will be releasing .CLUB premium reserved domains to our clients, resellers and partner registrars. We are very excited about this opportunity given that .CLUB is one of the most sought after newTLDs in the market today.

A Big Win for Registrants, Registrars and the .CLUB Registry:
Many registrars choose not to connect to certain aftermarket platforms, which means fewer distribution channels, which also means fewer registrants get the opportunity to see and possibly purchase these highly prized .CLUB Premium domain names.  Tens of thousands of domain searches happen everyday through registrars.  So it is very simple math, with lots of registrars not integrated to aftermarket platforms like SEDO, thousands of REAL-TIME search results will return a Premium .CLUB domain as "Domain Name Not Available" or "TAKEN".  And with so many new TLD choices, its easier to choose another TLD option rather than spend the extra time and effort to visit an aftermarket site and conduct another search. 

Unnecessary Costs via the Aftermarket and Registrar Flexibility:
Premium domains through an aftermarket platform costs registries a lot in terms of commissions.  We at HEXONET believe and see that market is changing towards registrars because of real-time choice, lower costs to the registries, and the wider audience of users registrars reach. Since the launch of new gTLDs last year, registrars have adapted and added functionality in their systems to support Premium Domain Name pricing and other pricing models.  Registrars are doing this because we have many incentives to support Premium domains:

  • Registrars always want to show the REAL-TIME availability of domain names, in order to provide customers the best possible domain choices
  • Registrar bank the revenue
  • Premium Domains typically have a greater profit ratio compared to regular priced domains

    HEXONET and .CLUB Premium Domain Names:
    HEXONET has fully integrated and tested our systems to support .CLUB Premium domain names.  So as of July 1, 2015, anybody worldwide can search, register and manage premium domains via HEXONET.  Registry pricing for .CLUB Premium domain names are split into nine (9) pricing tiers ranging from 100.00 USD - 10,000 USD (HEXONET's Reseller Price Class, lower for our Premium and Platinum Resellers), with renewals being processed at standard regular fees (NOT at premium renewal fees).

    Below are some examples of really good .CLUB Premium Domains that may be available for registration (may be registered by July 1):



    A huge list of highly valuable and very generic .CLUB Premium domains will become available.  To obtain the current full list of Premium .CLUB domains, please download list here1


    1. The downloadable list contains a general list of Premium Domain Names provided by the .CLUB Registry. HEXONET makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the list, information, products, or services of the downloadable file. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.