.CLUB Premium Domains on Sale

Summer is here and there's no better time to be looking for a great, brandable domain name for your business. To help out, HEXONET is offering cool summer savings by lowering prices on all .CLUB Premium Domain Names for the entire month of July.  If you are building a community around a product, a service or a passion, then a .CLUB premium domain name is a perfect choice. That's why great names like betting.club, flyers.club, and brain.club to name a few have already sold at great prices. Whether you're building your business, or your domain portfolio, we have a great .CLUB premium domain name for you at a great price.

We have timed this premium domain sale with the recent public release of 12,000 previously registry reserved .CLUB premium names.  The newly available premium domain names include 3 and 4 character variants, Chinese names, and some nice brandable domain names as well.

All .CLUB premium domains go on sale for up to 45% off the standard reseller price. The best part is that domain renewals are at standard .CLUB registration fees!  There are nine (9) different pricing tiers for these premium domain names.  To view the complete list of available premiums please download it here.

Promotion Details:

  • Promo Ends: July 31, 2016

Pricing: (Renewing at Standard Registration Pricing)

  • Tier 1:  5,500.00 USD
  • Tier 2:  4,100.00 USD
  • Tier 3:  2,800.00 USD
  • Tier 4:  1,750.00 USD
  • Tier 5:  1,200.00 USD
  • Tier 6:    650.00 USD
  • Tier 7:    250.00 USD
  • Tier 8:      99.00 USD
  • Tier 9:      49.00 USD

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team (sales@hexonet.net) if you are interested in learning more.