Inspiration for the HEXONET Cruise?

On August 18th, HEXONET and NamesCon are teaming up to take guests on a sunset boat cruise just off the coast of beautiful Vancouver, BC.  The highlight of the Cruise will be our "Ask the Domain Experts" panel, domain name industry heavy weights representing "Old Registry", "New Registry", "Aftermarket" and "Registrar" who will provide insights into where the market is heading.  Moderated by Richard Lau of NamesCon.

Why is HEXONET, a "nerdy" technology company known for delivering solid domain name platforms via APIs, sponsoring a scenic and fun summer yacht cruise in Vancouver?  Here's why:

1. To Say Thank You to Loyal HEXONET Customers
HEXONET has many loyal customers in Vancouver, Canada, where our North American office is located.  Many of our Vancouver customers have been with us for years and the Cruise gives us an opportunity to meet face to face to say thank you and show our appreciation for their loyal patronage.

2. Platform to Spread the Good News about Domain Names
The domain name industry has and is changing, and the "not-com" companies, registrants, and investors are on the rise.  Many businesses and individuals are "missing the boat" of opportunity with domain names and especially the new gTLDs.  Our hope is that the Cruise will be an annual event where we can raise awareness and provide deeper insight about the important role domain names play for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business, and even large corporations.  How powerful would it be if companies understood the power of using AUDI.AUTO over AUDI.COM or VANCOUVER.EVENTS over VANCOUVEREVENTS.COM?  The branding and marketing potential is endless.

To bring the latest information on domain names, the Cruise is featuring industry heavy-weight speakers and sponsors.  The opportunities to listen, mingle and chat with this group of sponsors in a casual and relaxing atmosphere is rare.  The sponsors:  

3. Namescon
Richard Lau and Jothan Frakes are long-time friends of HEXONET.  When Richard approached us with the idea of hosting an event in Vancouver it was a no-brainer.  We are proud to be hosting the Cruise with Namescon.  And if you haven't been to the Namescon event in Las Vegas, you should, HEXONET has been going every year since its inception.  Namescon is the leading Domain Industry event in our industry period!

4. HEXONET is Growing and Expanding
HEXONET has always been a technology first company.  Marketing has been a nice to do if time and money permitted.  We want to change this and no better way than to start by launching an inaugural summer cruise event with some of our industry friends and loyal clients.  Please feel free to speak with us at the event and ask about the exciting new projects we are working on.   

We are expecting a full crowd of over 150 domain name enthusiasts, domainers, and many of HEXONET's customers and industry friends. We welcome you onboard if you will be in the Vancouver area! To register, please visit the event page at www.HEXONET.EVENTS.

If you need any assistance with accommodation, please feel free to contact me directly at and our team will happily provide assistance.