NamesCon 2018: What Stood Out

Now that we've had the chance to return home and follow up on so many of the great meetings and conversations we had at NamesCon, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on our experience this year.

As expected, we saw many familiar faces and it was good to catch up. There's an energy in the industry at the moment and 2018 is looking to be an exciting year for many. We saw strong presentations, new products, and spoke with a variety of folks working diligently to push the industry forward.

From the feedback we've received, Tony Kim's (CMO) presentation and panel discussion on HEXONET's developments in domain search were well received. Did you get a chance to see him but not provide feedback? If so, we'd love to hear from you at 

Participating in the exhibition space gave us the opportunity to speak directly with customers and partners. If you saw us, then you know we were continuing to highlight our most recent advances in domain search. We wanted to get people trying it out on the spot and talk through how it worked for their needs. Knowing that search is a big challenge industry-wide, we were keen to hear how we're doing so far from those that use it most. We know that improving search is an ongoing effort, and that industry feedback and testing are the keys to success. This hands-on approach worked great at the booth and we're thrilled with your feedback.

Here's what we heard:

  • Our new "Help Me Find My Domain" search tool is innovative, unique, and setting a new industry standard.
  • Accuracy in results is a top issue for many folks. We're proud of where we are with this but will keep pushing to improve it for you.
  • Bulk searching, buying, and transferring is a big deal and there is an industry-wide desire for pushing bulk functionality forward. 
  • Our new website is a hit. Thanks to those that took the time to go out of their way to comment!

A big thank you to everyone that took the time to speak with HEXONET team members during the course of NamesCon. It's a pleasure serving you year-round and I know myself and the rest of the team enjoyed meeting with you.

It was good to see existing friends, meet new connections, and share a few cocktails and laughs along the way. Special thanks to the NamesCon team, our partners and those that took the time to actively reach out to us. It was good to see you. Wishing everyone an excellent, prosperous, and innovative 2018!