Super Price Promotion on ALL Uniregistry TLDs

HEXONET is pleased to announce a fantastic price promotion on ALL Uniregistry TLDs for the upcoming holiday season:

  • Promo Starts:  November 1, 2015 at 10:00 UTC
  • Promo Ends: December 31, 2015 at 10:00 UTC
  • Multiyear registrations are possible, however promotional pricing only applies to the first year
  • Transfers and renewals are NOT eligible at promotional price
  • Price Promotion applies to all price classes 
  • TLDs & Pricing below:
    • Group 1: .CLICK - Promotional Price: 2.98* (net price: 2.50) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 2: .LINK - Promotional Price: 3.51* (net price: 2.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 3: .JUEGOS, .AUDIO - Promotional Price: 4.70* (net price: 3.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 4: .SEXY, .GIFT, .PICS, .HIPHOP, .DIET, .HELP - Promotional Price: 5.89* (net price: 4.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 5: .FLOWERS - Promotional Price: 7.08* (net price: 5.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 6: .TATTOO, .GUITARS, .PHOTO, .CHRISTMAS, .HOSTING, .PROPERTY, .LOL - Promotional Price: 8.27* (net price: 6.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 7: .BLACKFRIDAY - Promotional Price: 11.84* (net price: 9.95) USD/Domain/1st Year


Information of Uniregistry TLDs:


According to, a popular website keeping statistics on new gTLDs, two of the top ten most popular new gTLDs in the world are .CLICK and .LINK!  Both TLDs are showing impressive new domain registration numbers.  Each TLD has over 160K registrations each and both continue to show strong interest month over month.


With Black Friday just around the corner on November 27, 2015, those in retail and online sales without a .BLACKFRIDAY domain name should seriously consider one.  Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States with $50 billion in sales, most of which are sales online!

.SEXY: The new gTLD Making Your Website Hot

The term “sexy” is a very popular search term globally.  The word connotes public confidence and attractiveness.  The .SEXY domain name would be great for people, fashion, cars, entertainment or business and individuals that rely on their general appeal and esthetic.  Also, since .SEXY is intuitive, short, sweet and to the point, creating interesting and engaging subdomains ( are easy.  Businesses that should consider a .SEXY domain name include hairdressers, fitness centers, dating websites, clothing shops, bloggers, Youtubers, clubs, perfume, cosmetics and more! Here are some top .SEXY domains already in use:

.PHOTO – the World through Your Lens

Photography is a 175-year old medium that dominates content on the Internet. There are even entire websites that are dedicted to photographs. For instance, Instagram, with over 400 million users, is one of the biggest social networks based on photos.  Facebook states that more than 380 billion photos taken per year and over 300 million photos are uploaded each day to Facebook. Share your memories or skills with a .PHOTO domain name.  Show the world through your own lens! Here are some top .PHOTO domains already in use:

  • a creative professional and hobbyist photographer
  • a Detroit photographer passionate about capturing moments
  •  a bi-coastal wedding photography studio based in San Francisco and Brooklyn
  • a blog about photography