Take Advantage of the .INFO Volume Promotion!

HEXONET is pleased to announce a special .INFO volume promotion. The more you register, the cheaper it gets!

.INFO - intuitive, international, unrestricted, informational, and now at discounted prices. 

What is .INFO?

The Internet is all about information and to help separate fact and knowledge from everything else, there is ".info" . This extension is intended for informative Internet resources and originally created to help alleviate the pressure from the fast growing mass of .com users. Successfully, .info has attracted more than 5 million information providing registrants and is ranked as the 4th most popular TLD in the world.

Have something to share on the Internet community? Make information easy to find on the internet with .info . Register yours today!

Why .INFO?: Top Benefits
    1     Provides fast access to information.
    2    .INFO is the logical choice for informational based websites and for people searching for info online.
    3    .INFO has global appeal and is a well-established TLD.
    4    .INFO is intuitive for "information" in languages around the world.


.INFO Volume Promotion Details:
Promo Starts: January 1, 2016 10:00 UTC
Promo Ends: June 30, 2016 10:00 UTC
Domains at special tiered pricing:
1 - 5 .INFO Domains --> 4.64* (net price: 3.90) USD per Domain/ first year
6 - 10 .INFO Domains --> 4.11* (net price: 3.45) USD per Domain/ first year
> 11 .INFO Domains --> 3.45* (net price: 2.90) USD per Domain/ first year

-Promotional price only applies to new 1-year registrations
-Tiered pricing discounts are based on registrations over a 24 hour cycle; Pricing resets to the nominal everyday promo rate at the end of each day (0:00 UTC)
-Multi-year registrations are possible, however promotional pricing only applies to the first year
-Transfers and renewals are NOT eligible at promotional price