Tying the Knot with a .WEDDING Domain

One of the most significant moments in one's life is when they get married. A wedding is a celebration and one that requires planning, design, coordination, and even help from professional service providers. The .WEDDING domain name is the perfect domain name for anyone in the business of marriage or anyone getting married.

If you are getting married, why not consider a .WEDDING domain. You can make it your own custom collaborative online space to not only plan and organize the wedding but also to invite guests, share your gift registries, plan wedding showers and even track your budgeting.

The wedding industry is big business. Take a look at some of these stats for the United States market:

  • Average Wedding Cost: $31,213 (excludes honeymoon)
  • Most Expensive Place to Get Married: Manhattan, $76,328 average spend
  • Least Expensive Place to Get Married: Utah, $15,257 average spend
  • Average Spent on a Wedding Dress: $1,357

(Source: TheKnot.com, the #1 Multiplatform Wedding Resource)

Examples of unique, developed .WEDDING websites: