Uniregistry Price Promotion for the Holidays

A reminder that HEXONET is running a fantastic price promotion on ALL Uniregistry TLDs for the upcoming holiday season:

  • Promo Ends: December 31, 2015 at 10:00 UTC
  • Multiyear registrations are possible, however promotional pricing only applies to the first year
  • Transfers and renewals are NOT eligible at promotional price
  • Price Promotion applies to all price classes 
  • TLDs & Pricing below:
    • Group 1: .CLICK - Promotional Price: 2.98* (net price: 2.50) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 2: .LINK - Promotional Price: 3.51* (net price: 2.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 3: .JUEGOS, .AUDIO - Promotional Price: 4.70* (net price: 3.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 4: .SEXY, .GIFT, .PICS, .HIPHOP, .DIET, .HELP - Promotional Price: 5.89* (net price: 4.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 5: .FLOWERS - Promotional Price: 7.08* (net price: 5.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 6: .TATTOO, .GUITARS, .PHOTO, .CHRISTMAS, .HOSTING, .PROPERTY, .LOL - Promotional Price: 8.27* (net price: 6.95) USD/Domain/1st Year
    • Group 7: .BLACKFRIDAY - Promotional Price: 11.84* (net price: 9.95) USD/Domain/1st Year

Let's take a look at some of these specific new gTLDs that are particularly relevant for the holidays:


Christmas, a popular time celebrated during the winter season. Christmas isn't about the presents, but the spirit of showing kindness and wanting to see another person smile. Celebrate this holiday, and the caring ideology that is often highlighted during this season with the .CHRISTMAS TLD.

What makes .CHRISTMAS  powerful?

  • 2 billion people celebrate Christmas worldwide.
  • 88% of shoppers in Britain, 86% percent in the U.S., and 84% in Germany purchase Christmas gifts online.


.GIFT will become a great place for selling and purchases gifts, as well as sharing and exchanging gift ideas. From ideas to presentation, .GIFT will make hunting for the perfect gift as painless as possible. .GIFT is a domain name with a thought that counts.


Whatever the occasion, we depend on pictures to frame the most precious moments of our lives. An endless amount of interesting things happen each day with billions of people to photograph them. As easy as it is to snap a picture with our digital devices, .PICS now makes it even easier to share each story.


.DIET is the most nutritious domain yet. Diets are a pathway to cultural exploration, active living, and healthy lifestyles. In an effort to find work and life balance, we continually look for ways to create healthier habits. .DIET gives individuals, businesses, and cultures worldwide the ability to share their tips and nutritional practices.