.US - A Uniquely American Domain

.US is country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States. You might have thought .US is only for government agencies and schools. But since 2002, individuals, businesses, churches, and non-profits have adopted .US web addresses to make their mark on the internet. Neustar, a leading provider of registry services, manages .US on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

.All U.S. residents, government entities, public service organizations, and businesses can establish an American identity on the Internet with America’s address. (e.g., johnsmith.us, publicservice.us, mycompany.us). .US names are very popular with consumers for applications like email, digital identity, and personal web sites. Government and public interest organizations use .US addresses to enable citizen-centric e-Gov applications and to serve the needs of the American people. Finally, businesses use .US domain names to promote themselves as American companies to inspire consumer confidence and to encourage consumers to “buy American.”

Who can register a .US domain?

Any U.S. citizen or resident, as well as any business or organization, including federal, state, and local government with a bona fide presence in the United States can register a .US domain name.

Here are some excellent examples of .US domains being used:

Zoom.us (Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform.)

Metro.us (Metro delivers local news from New York, Philly and Boston)

1001inventions.us (1001 Inventions is an award-winning international science and cultural heritage organisation)


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