Why Choose A .GLOBAL Domain?

Whether you're a big brand, a small start-up or a non-profit, the .GLOBAL domain can work for you.

Using a .GLOBAL domain makes your online identity stand out. Customers become immediately aware that you demonstrate a global presence and promote global services, products, or ideas. It shows that you are a forward-looking company, and helps to clearly define your global position and status.

.GLOBAL showcases your diversity, and instantly connects you to an international audience. The word "Global" is well-known in many languages and is ideal for a company that operates in different geographic locations. It also supports a variety of scripts and special characters (e.g. ø æ å ä é ü), giving you the freedom to register a truly unique domain name such as  übercøøl.global.

Who can register?

.GLOBAL operates an open registration policy with no restrictions, meaning anyone can register a .GLOBAL. From innovators to distributors, entertainers, networkers, thought-leaders, educators, activists, charities, designers, and makers - thousands of .GLOBAL domains are registered monthly all over the world. 

Who is using .GLOBAL?

mobian.global - a travel company that covers the entire customer journey experience. From airport parking to taxis, bikes, car rentals and more, mobian.global lets you relax while they do all the planning.

urc.global - University Research Co., LLC (URC) improves the quality of health care, social services, and health education worldwide. URC manages projects in over 45 countries.

oceanic.global - a non-profit that taps into passions of art, music and emerging tech to educate individuals on issues impacting oceans, and providing solutions for driving positive change.

h2go.global - an organization providing clean drinking water to remote and rural communities where the infrastructure makes it unfeasible. 

fernweh.global - a company that holds travel workshops for photography classes. Learn photography while traveling to beautiful destinations, and push the limits of your portfolio.

How would you use a .GLOBAL domain? Take the above companies as inspiration for your very own domain. Get yours today